Black History Month

Henry Bibb, black rights advocate and activist, was born into slavery in Kentucky in 1815.

While a slave, Bibb was owned by three different men. He attempted to escape several times before he was successful. In 1848, Bibb escaped to Detroit leaving his wife and daughter behind. There he began an anti-slavery group, speaking out against slavery during his travels. Because of the Fugitive Slave Act, Bibb crossed over into Canada in 1850. Settling in the town of Sandwich, Bibb began publishing an anti-slavery paper called “the Voice of the Fugative” (known as the first black newspaper in Canada) and was selected to be the chairperson of the North American Convention of Coloured Freemen in 1851. The convention, held in Toronto, brought together abolitionists from Canada, the United States, and the Carribean. He was elected as president of the Windsor Anti-Slavery Society in 1852. He died two years later (1854).

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